Mini Mansions @ Oslo

Wearing their costume suits pocketed with flowers Mini Mansions played a thirteen song set at their sold out headline show at the Oslo in Hackney on Tuesday (30th June). Opening with ‘Death Is A Girl’ from their second album ‘The Great Pretenders’ released earlier this year, the crowd sing along from the off, the songs all proving more impressive live than on record.
The three-piece are a professional dream, all perfectly comfortable. Zach Dawes (bass) consistently bends around whilst Tyler Parkford (vocals, keyboard) and Michael Shuman (vocals, drums, guitar) provide vocals that compliment one another without being needy, allowing each to focus on their own role. Making perfect sense, they all play standing, it lends the performance a more commanding presence as it more effectively allows beats to be teased however it also creates a barrier between the band and the audience that is not fully broken until later in the set on ‘Vertigo’.
Featuring little dialogue it’s rare that one song gives way directly into another, introduction coming in the form of a name drop. Following the bands cover of ‘Heart of Glass’ the longest chat of the night comes as a thank you concluding with, “there’s nothing like London and playing in front of you people.” An honest statement as it is clear that all in the room are happy to be there, the magic moments created throughout the night by the addition of the audience on backing vocals and harmonies.
It is ‘Vertigo’ however that provides the highlight of the evening, following on from ‘Any Emotions’ the band are joined unannounced midway through the song by a white topped Turner. The Arctic Monkeys front man was present in the crowd throughout the set alongside fellow band mates and Miles Kane amongst others. Taking his time he plucks a microphone off of the wall and sets himself up on the front of the stage. Casting his arm over the barrier-less crowd he leans forward performing his guest verse on the bands latest single ‘Vertigo’. Upon completion he holds his arm out and slowly, deliberately, gives us a look and drops his mic – recreating the now infamous drop of his Brit Awards speech in 2014. “Give it up for Mr Turner,” Shuman says following his slow exit sound tracked by the band playing on as normal. When the song is over, we are thanked again and the set closes gloriously with ‘Freakout!

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