Film Review: It Follows

A modern fresh take on horror.

It Follows is the horror tale inspired by a recurring nightmare director David Robert Mitchell used to have, in which he would be stalked by a predator that continually and slowly walked towards him.

In this case, it follows Jay (Maika Monroe) as she tries to escape ‘It’ with the help of her childhood friends. Jay is the most recent in a chain of sexual encounters within which ‘It’ exists to hunt down and viscously kill each member in that chain of encounters with no explanation behind its origins. The only way to get rid of it? Pass it on. A film about a literal murdering STD? This is a new kind of horror for sure.

It avoids comedy through reflecting any initial audience skepticism within the group of friends and further avoids repetition through changes in scenery and character focus. Set within teen life and cushioned with other such issues, Maika does a brilliant job of passing genuine terror to the audience helped along by the excellent score. Jay and the others in the chain (and the audience at that) are the only one who can see the shape-changing ‘It’, leaving your eyes constantly scanning, checking the back of the screen for any slow movers. Any moments of relaxation prove unsettling to watch when you know that ‘It’s’ always coming, creating a constant anticipation and sense of claustrophobia, even when the escape takes them to open spaces.

It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up.


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