No more… bottled water

I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve got a drinking problem, but I’m still going to do something about it, to prevent any further damage. Since arriving in Hong Kong I’ve probably gone through five bottles. At present I re-use three of them whilst the others have ended up in recycling.

In the US alone around 35 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away a year. Provided that you can drink the tap water in your country, then there is literally no point in buying bottled water. It’s so cheap for its value it’s essentially free. Don’t like the taste of tap water? Well uh, get used to it. It’s estimated that it takes three litres of water to produce a single litre of bottled water. That’s ridiculous. Let alone the wasted energy if you chuck it (they take at least 450 years to bio-degrade), or the energy required to recycle (recycling remains better than landfill).

Make the last bottle your last (unless of course you get stranded in a desert and then happen to stumble across a garage cc. ‘Paris, Texas’ – even then he goes for the ice). I’m still sketchy about tap water in HK, can I? Can’t I? Despite this I’m going to give up the bottle (the plastic water bottle kind), and get myself one of those fancy reusable ones as one of my present bottles has begun to taste like dirt. Do the same and ditch the bottle. Stay efficiently hydrated. Word.


Bottled Water Update (April 2016);

After my cheapo reusable bottle broke (I dropped it in fairness) I bought myself a Columbia   BPA free water bottle and I love it. Whilst bottled water is more of a problem in countries that don’t have potable tap water, there are more pros than reduced plastic consumption if you ditch the bottle for good. Personally I have found that I am more hydrated now that I am more aware of my daily water intake and as a consequence feel a lot better!



Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet

How Long Does It Take a Plastic Bottle to Biodegrade?


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