Hakone Day Trip (how to)

From Tokyo (Shinjuku) to see Mount Fuji


1 From Shinjuko train station to Hakone Yutomo and back. 2 trains, change at Odawara. About 2 hours. (The first train has some good views of Fuji, mostly on the right side)

¥1,190 (each way)

2 Train from Hakone Yumoto to Gora (Tozan train). About 40 minutes. Zig zags up the slope!


3 Cable car price from Gora to Sounzen. About 10 minutes.


4 Replacement bus service from to Sounzen to Kojiri.


(Good Fuji views)

5 Boat trip on Lake Ashinoko, from Kojiri. About 40 minutes.


(Great Fuji views)

6 Bus to Hakone Yutome from Moto Hakoni.

All prices are full adult fares with no passes etc. We went in December when it gets dark at four/half four in the afternoon. Check the cloud forecast and the local volcanic activity as some of the rope ways were shut when we went so we couldn’t go to Owakudani Valley. The local scenery itself is really great, like paintings. And the views of Fuji are 🗻🗻🗻


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