A good place to start

Focusing on what you CAN do… Below I have listed some simple steps that are related to purchasing habits to help decrease your environmental impact without making a drastic impact on your lifestyle.

– buy in bulk, if you know you are going to stick with certain products, rather than rebuying and ending up with loads of containers just buy a big one in the first place. This will mean your ‘need’ to shop will be reduced as will packaging, you are also likely to make some savings. Be mindful of expiration dates and check that you can recycle or reuse the packaging.

– reuse travel bottles. If you haven’t yet bought small travel shampoos and washes etc then consider buying a set of empty ones that can be used over and over. This way you can fill them up at home with your usual products rather than the limited collection available in miniature. You can of course buy a set to begin with and then just reuse those. Check that you can recycle the containers if absolutely necessary.

– buy local and in season. Reduced miles and supporting local businesses, win win.

– eat less/no meat!

– reduce packaging. Always go for items with less packaging, for example don’t buy individually wrapped candies.

The focus of these recommendations is to buy less and make choices that have limited packaging. Whilst rather obvious, these choices are important none the less. Generally ‘quality not quantity‘ is a good mantra to go by if in doubt. Not forgetting that reduction should be prioritised first and foremost (yes above reuse and recycle).




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