No more… meat (sort of)

Whilst I’m not committing to veganism, trust me you would know about it if I was, I am committing to less meat. For a multitude of reasons I have given it up 5 days a week. I put this off for a while as being in Hong Kong, the vege options are rather limited. However inspired by friends and not wanting to advocate hypocrisy I committed around two weeks ago and it’s going very well.

I find myself looking harder at menus and as such have found it easier than expected as I see options I may have just passed over before. Reduced intake has not caused any nutritional disruption which some people suffer from if they go cold turkey and fail to adjust their diet accordingly. One friend raised concern that the measurements of days instead of meals may have been cause to gorge on meat. Fortunately this has not been the case as reduced intake has reduced desire in my case, although I was not a huge steak fan to begin with.

With time I hope to make the full commitment however allowing myself the days off allows me to take advantage of some of the more unusual foods and delicacies that Hong Kong has to offer. So whilst it’s not might not be the whole shebang, it’s a good place to start.


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