No more… hand towels

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of using hand towels in bathrooms, normally I will just shake them out and then pat them dry and whilst on my trip to Japan in December I found myself with little choice but to do as such. Hand towels and dryers are not commonly found in Japanese public bathrooms and so the locals can be seen drying their hands on their own hand towels, which they carry around with them in their bags.

After returning to Hong Kong I purchased myself a soft towel about the size of flannel and put it in my bag. I am no longer at the mercy of the cleaning staff hoping they have topped up the hand towels and I don’t find myself crossing my fingers wishing for the bathrooms to be equipped with a superfast Dyson dryer. Further to this I can put my towel in the washing machine at my leisure to quell any potential hygiene concerns and it’s way softer and nicer than any bathroom offering you will encounter.

Ditching the dryers has helped me reduce my paper and electricity consumption and reminds of me of my time spent in Japan every time I need to dry my hands and it’s also useful having a spare towel in my bag.

The Japanese are right, yet again.


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