No more… long showers

I really don’t mind being covered in mud, a consequence of spending a whole lot of time around horses. However I love taking long showers. A habit I would ‘make up for’ by not showering every day. If that disgusts you then I suggest you go roll in a puddle and do one, there is so much more for us to do and commonly it will involve getting our hands a little dirty.

Rather than feel guilty about it or to rush that cleaning sensation (do you want potatoes to grow behind your ears?); I’ll get in the shower and shampoo me hair. And then I’ll turn off the shower. And then I’ll wash the rest o’ me. And then I’ll turn the shower back on and wash it all off. You know, like a normal shower, except with the water turned off for half it. It’s actually rather nice not having water hit you in the back as you try and wash between your toes.

Comprende? Your shower can still take as long, enjoying the sauna effect of your little cube except you won’t have to avoid the water instantly washing of your bubbles as it’ll be off. Saving you on the water bill amongst other rather more important things.

So trust me and try it, there won’t be no trouble with yah bubble!


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  1. A simplest way to save water in the world with no cost as follows:

    Step 1: At a washbasin – Just turn water tap maximum and measure total volume of water in a minute. That’s around 9 liters or more.
    Step 2: There is a knob below every wash basin.
    Step 3: Turn it little to reduce water flow.
    Step 4: Water tap maximum volume of water in a minute should be equal to 6 liters or near it.

    So, you save water 33% or more at the wash basin with no cost, time, or much effort.

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    Your Well Wisher Program


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