I recently returned from my first trip to Sweden, Stockholm. Where I stayed with a friend for 4 nights and 4 days. The main aim of this trip was to spend some quality time with my local pal, eat swedish candy and meatballs and to people watch. Staying on a deflating air mattress (we fixed it) in Hornstull we did a fair amount of exploring, seeing little houses and eating picnics by the lake. Not having done any research I had no idea that Stockholm was made of a fair number of islands and so was pleasantly surprised at the invitation to go swimming although I had not brought a costume.

Having been previously warned about the steep prices I found myself not wholly unprepared, you can still pick up a beer for a fiver but the food at the airport (I flew via Arlanda) was pretty pricey @ £7 a sandwich. I found the level of English spoken there to be the best out of all the countries I have been to so fortunately this was not a problem. And it’s likely true what you have heard about the people – they are all incredibly friendly and well dressed and yes attractive. So likewise the shopping there is rather good although it can of course get expensive but there are some great boutiques and second hand stores if you wanted to try be swedish cool.


Stockholm travel advice:

take – swimming costume!

do/go to – walk as much as you can, especially round the water. go on a boat trip! a night in Trädgården in the summer months. hallwylska museet – a free museum with a lovely courtyard bar in central stockholm. ivar los is a small park with great views over the water. slussen is a good area for shopping – expect swedish style. Popaganda is a 2 day summer music vegetarian food festival with open swimming pools although you cannot drink outside of the beer gardens! take a fika the swedish term for taking a coffee and a sweet with a friend and talking shit – a great pastime and brilliant for people watching!!!!

consider – downloading ‘swish’ the app, it is a free money transferring service that is very popular and therefore useful in Sweden especially at places such as markets. if you’re a little disorganised regarding currency consider getting it changed at your Stockholm airport upon arrival as the rates are likely to be better than at your place of departure and I’m told there are not many places to do it in the city although of course ATMs are always an option. taking the flygussarna to/from Arlanda airport worked out perfectly for me. alcohol is not encouraged in Sweden so make sure you get down to your nearest systembolaget in time – it’s the only retail store allowed to sell over 3.5% and is closed on sundays.


Unfortunately I didn’t make it to IKEA. Although I did manage to see the Stockholm mens synchronised swimming team perform which was pretty weird.


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