What can you do?

Based of my personal experiences here are some things you can ditch to help you along your way. To date I’ve ditched;

  • plastic bags – I’ve only slipped a few times, I reckon purchasing less than 5 in the UK
  • water bottles – I’ve been through 2 flasks so to speak after a break and a loss and a short gap in between, I am back on the horse. I’ve found that I spend less money on drinks, (even non-H2O) drink way more water and feel better for it.
  • plastic toothbrushes – my love for the Humble Brush knows no bounds, spreading the word amongst friends and family I reckon I’ve lead to converting at least 5+ other people – amazing! If you find something great, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
  • pens – I love using my fountain pen! I find it very pleasant to write with and think my handwriting has improved. After the initial upfront cost of the pen (I bought a new one although had I been more organised I would have bought a second one) which I got from Waterstones for about £5 (it’s made of plastic :() and a bag of cartridges – next up an inkwell! There’s been no other cost, therefore definitely working out cheaper in the long term as an alternative to disposables. Which can be hard to recycle.
  • individual sweet wrappers – easssy
  • wrapping paper – easy, I use newspaper as an alternative (and have done for years!)
  • hand dryers (and their paper alternatives) – I carry a small cloth in my bag, like a flannel, and use that to dry my hands – it can be a bit annoying if I don’t have my bag on me.
  • packaged deodrant – I love this one!
  • packaged body wash – soap with no packaging!
  • packaged shampoo – solid bars from Lush!

At present I am only purchasing vegan food produce… and am working my way to reducing my waste from food products. I need to get to the market to get some unpackaged veg and in the meantime seemingly wait for a bulk store to open…


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