Getting on the JET Programme

My application arrived at the Japanese London Embassy on the 24/5th of November 2016, I was invited to interview on the 15th of December. Interviewed on the 27th of January and accepted on the 27th of March! My placement pack arrived the last full week of May, that same week I was first contacted by my BOE and predecessor. London orientation was held in mid-July and I flew out with the other Group B JETs on the 29th of July 2017.

The application itself is pretty paper heavy and costly. Upon appointment you will need to apply for a £60 ICPC certificate and pass a certificate of health from your local doctors proving amongst other things that you haven’t had tetanus (a pricey x-ray or a pricky injection). That and printing/ postage/ transport to and fro London/Edinburgh.

I’m aware that there are loads of resources available regarding applying to the Programme however most that I found were YouTube videos (I hate those) or from American JETS (they seem to have a tougher time than us Brits) and lacked the specific detail I was seeking when waiting to hear back. I can of course speak from my own experience and highlight that I was shortlisted despite no real-teaching experience or Japanese language ability so don’t let this put you off applying.

I didn’t really know what to make of my interview experience – it could have gone down either way but I did my best to ensure I came across as balanced, flexible and mindful of individual situations. Two things I believe are key to my success are my having been to Japan and studying abroad – if you share such experiences make sure these qualities are highlighted in your personal statement as they seem to be a common theme amongst this years intake!


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